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A stock Blocker at the junkyard in FlatOut.

The Blocker is a Bronze Class vehicle available in FlatOut. With just 112 horsepower in stock form, it is the least powerful and cheapest car available from the very beginning of the game.


The Blocker is powered by a 1.8 inline-5 cylinder engine, making just 112 horsepower. Despite being weaker than the Pepper, it weighs considerably more, at just over a ton. That being said, the car's top speed is rather pathetic even for a Bronze Class car, and its low suspension makes rough road handling quite difficult. Despite these shortcomings the Blocker's engine outputs a fair amount of torque, giving it excellent launching and acceleration abilities. These, combined with its relatively good handling and small stature can put it at the front of the pack with relative ease, given the driving conditions are good and a competent player is behind the wheel. Drivers should note the car's small ride height as well as its soft suspension, make it a poor choice for stunting. Even the most modest of jumps will often result in broken wheels and suspension, making the car quite difficult to manage compared to other vehicles in the game.

In demolition derbies, the Blocker is very much a sub-par vehicle, though it is thrown around less than the aforementioned Pepper. Driving offensively is not hard, though also not recommended, as the Blocker is a relatively easy target for opposing players. Drivers will likely find success if they drive the car in a defensive manner, only striking drivers that have temporarily stopped or are moving slowly.


  • The Blocker makes 190 horsepower when fully upgraded, and, weighing in at literally a ton, it's horsepower per ton ratio is exactly 190 horsepower per ton.
  • It is the only car in the first FlatOut to feature an I5 engine as opposed to the more commonplace I4 or V6. This engine choice is possibly a nod to Audi's I5 powered Quattro rally car (given the driving style of most FlatOut courses). However, the displacement of the engine is smaller than that of Audi's own designs.
  • At just $3,000, the Blocker is the cheapest car a player can purchase in the original FlatOut.

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