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A stock Blockhead in the junkyard in FlatOut.

The Blockhead, not to be confused with Blocker, is a Bronze Class vehicle available in FlatOut. It is the only other hatchback, apart from the humble Pepper, available in the first game.


Powered by a rather large 2.4 liter I4, the Blockhead's performance is quite admirable for a Bronze Class vehicle. Acceleration is excellent, as is the car's cornering ability, though the top speed is lacking. While quite agile, the car tends to lose quite a bit of its energy if performing sharp turns, though this is largely made up for with its snappy throttle response. The car's tall, soft suspension is also excellent for stunts, as it allow the hatchback to land relatively large jumps without any major damage being done to the suspension or bodywork of the car. Players should make good use of the quick acceleration and good handling of the vehicle to dance their way around the competition, even going as far as to intentionally drive over difficult terrain to shake persistent opponents. However, care should be taken to avoid big risks, as breaking the suspension can be quite problematic for the car.

In demolition derbies, the Blockhead is an excellent performer for Bronze Class, as it has great structural integrity and a good ride height to avoid obstacles. Hitting power is okay, though care should be taken to avoid bigger fights, as it is quite easy to forget how vulnerable the car is when sitting still.


  • The Blockhead's styling appears to be based on the 1980's Dodge Omni subcompact, though with dimensions matching that of a 1980's Dodge Charger.
  • Making 208 horsepower when fully upgraded, the Blockhead makes a modest 152 horsepower per ton.
  • The car's massive rear spoiler appears to be influenced by the well-known Ford Sierra Cosworth's "Biplane" top spoiler, which coverd the vehicle's rear window. The Blockhead's does the same, though it appears to lack the lower spoiler of the Ford.