• Flatout ragdoll

    Okay, for the last 2 weeks, typos and pictures have kept me busy. But there's still alot to do. Next on the list are the pages for the 3 missing Bonus Class cars. But don't worry, I'll get to it. Just checked and it looks like I am ranked 2# on this wikia! :D But I ain't gonna overtake John. :) Well, yea, got to get to work, I guess.

    EDIT: Bonus class cars done.

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  • AriesWildChild


    October 5, 2013 by AriesWildChild

    Surely I can say Flatout 2 / Flatout Ultimate Carnage are the best race games ever. Rock music, excelent graphics and the best cars in the world. What more can you ask for? Scenic trails, characterized drivers, bonus levels - all in one. As I said before - finnish guys are never wrong! Thanx for this amazing game, still have records to break, so... bye for now. Kiitos!

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  • John55Burning

    So. Yeah, I've told to Bugbear Entertainment about this wiki and they are like the idea!

    SO much plans and work to make it better! I'm gonna to work hard!

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