Boxer in Flatout 2.

Boxer is Race Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

The Boxer is a two door muscle car resembling a 1970's Plymouth Duster with four headlights instead of two with the small upward groove behind the back door removed and the Tail lights turned sideways and three vertical beams in the grill.

It is faster than the Mad Rash, CTR and Nevada. Acceleration is poor, but its top speed often compensates for this. Although it has average strength, its low weight and grip makes it a rather poor choice in derbies. It is balanced in weight and can land jumps comfortably. It excels in high speed races.

The Boxer has changed significantly in performance in Flatout Ultimate Carnage. Its performance seems to have decreased in all aspects and seems inferior to any other race car despite its high top speed (at least statistically). There is no change in strength or weight.

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Boxer in FO:UC.

It is driven by Curtis Wolfe.

In Flatout 2 the car has a 6.000 rpm redline.


  • The Boxer has a low revving V8 carburated engine.
  • A badge on the front and back of the car says Bullet (The Bullet is actually the name of one of the other Race Class cars). Bullet could be its manufacturer, or a reference to the famous Mustang 'Bullit' which was featured in a movie of the same name.