Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. is a Finnish video game company. It was established in March 2000 and had 40 employees . The company focuses solely on various kinds of racing games.

Games Edit

Name Genre Publisher Release date Platform
Rally Trophy Rally racing simulation JoWooD Productions 2001 Microsoft Windows
Tough Trucks Monster truck racing Activision 2003 Microsoft Windows
FlatOut Stunt racing Empire Interactive 2004 Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Glimmerati Arcade racing Nokia 2005 N-Gage
FlatOut 2 Stunt racing Empire Interactive 2006 Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Mac OS X
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Stunt racing Empire Interactive 2007 Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Sega Rally Revo Racing Sega 2007 PlayStation Portable
Ridge Racer Unbounded Racing Namco Bandai Games 2012 Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Wreckfest Racing Bugbear Entertainment 2013 (technology demo); 2014 (Alpha, Early Access) Microsoft Windows

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