CTR Sport in Flatout 2.

CTR Sport is a Street Class car apperaring in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

It strongly resembles a Honda CRX. It is a Street variant of the CTR.

CTR Sport is a small and a light vehicle, which gives it excellent handling. This makes it a good choice for city circuits and other areas where cornering is paramount. On the other side, however, it is lacks power compared to other Street cars (especially cars like the Bullet GT or Road King). Therefore, it will easily be outclassed on the straightaways or on speedway tracks. The CTR sport is also the weakest Street class car in Flatout 2, and due to its front-wheel drive it is arguably the worst choice in derbies.

The CTR Sport has changed significantly in Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. It has become much heavier and stronger, although that has not saved the CTR Sport from being the worst derby contender.

In Flatout 2, it sits at 7.000 rpm redline.

Trivia Edit

  • CTR Sport body has a wide fender bodykit however the CTR variant has less wide bodykit
  • The CTR Sport resembles fastback vehicles with a bigger engine compared to that of the Chilli Pepper, altrough such configuration is rarely used in real life, with the most approximate example being either an engine swapped CRX or a stock Lancer, which this engine closely resembles (MIVEC).
  • CTR sport has less decal and vinyl than its counterpart
  • Despite the engine resembling a Mitsubishi Lancer cover, it still is a V6 in Flatout.

CTR Sport in FO:UC.

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