Derby Class = 11 Out Of 11 Are The Used Cars 

Chili = Sofia Martinez 

Malice = Ray Carter 

Roamer = Sally Taylor 

Shaker = Jason Walker 

Blaster XL = Frank Malcov 

Banger = Jack Benton 

Splitter = Jill Richards 

Switchblade = Katie Jackson 

Venom = Lewis Duran 

Bonecracker = Curtis Wolfe 

Grinder = Lei Bing 

Race Class = 11 Out Of 11 Are The Used Cars 

CTR = Sofia Martinez 

Boxer = Curtis Wolfe 

Mad Rash = Jill Richards 

Nevada = Frank Malcov 

Lancea = Katie Jackson 

Fortune = Jack Benton 

Daytana = Lewis Duran 

Bullet = Jason Walker 

Lentus = Sally Taylor 

Ventura = Ray Carter 

Insetta = Lei Bing 

Street Class = 11 Out Of 14 Are The Used Cars 

Chili Pepper = Katie Jackson 

Scorpion = Ray Carter 

Insetta Sport = Lei Bing 

Sparrowhawk = Lewis Duran 

Crusader = Frank Malcov 

CTR Sport = No AI Driver 

Vexter XS = No AI Driver 

Speedshifter = Curtis Wolfe 

Canyon = Sofia Martinez 

Terrator = Jill Richards 

Sunray = Jack Benton 

Speedevil = Jason Walker 

Road King = Sally Taylor 

Bullet GT = No AI Driver 

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