Frank Malcov

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A once great driver from a previous era with too many crashes and collisions behind him. His behavior is erratic and age has dulled his skills.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Frank Malcov is a 32-year old former top driver who hit his head and shattered his hand in a race accident, after getting bumped off the track by Jack Benton. Since the accident, Malcov hasn’t been able to win a single race. While it is clear to others that Malcov's career as a race driver is over, he still firmly believes that with practice he’ll be able to make a comeback. Malcov has a strong presence to him, but often displays himself as a well-meaning, but incoherent person. In the race track, Malcov still retains some of his former killer instincts and can be quick to react to the ever-changing nature of the race, but usually ends up roof first into the nearby gutter because of his way of overestimating his skills. Malcov is rarely seen in the top ranks anymore. Malcov's accident led to interesting developments in his stunt career. His body shape is very aerodynamic and therefore he excels in curling and stone skipping, but is lousy at high jump, ring of fire and ski jump events.


Frank Malcov debuted in FlatOut 2. He prefers large, heavy 4WD trucks. He is generally the slowest driver, but can still be a threat due to the heavy vehicles that he drives. He often places last due to his sometimes-erratic driving and the poor speed of his vehicles. His driving style and choice of vehicles, however, make him extremely dangerous in derbies.

Driving StyleEdit

A poor driver in Derby class, Frank often rolls his SUV over. Although quite aggressive, his actions often end up with him crashing into walls and/or rolling over. He can get up to respectable speeds on straightaways, but his SUV's size leaves him at a disadvantage in corners. He is a real threat in derbies due to his monstrous Blaster XL, although he can be vulnerable due to his size and his SUV's tendency to roll.

A poor driver in Race class, Frank is very slow and struggles to catch up to the lead. That said he takes corners well and very rarely gets Wrecked. Again, he is a real threat in derbies due to the Nevada's strength, although he can be vulnerable due to his size.

A very poor driver in Street class, Frank often loses control, even in straightaways. Little can be said about his driving style as he drives so erratically. He also often gets Wrecked due to his erratic behavior. He is still a threat in derbies due to the extreme weight and strength of his Crusader but he still drives very poorly.


Malcov's identifying color is blue. His cars bear an dark blue paint job with American-flag-themed decals.

Derby Class : Blaster XL

Race Class : Nevada

Street Class : Crusader

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