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This is the world of FlatOut. Speed. Destruction. And fun!

The game mode are options (commonly found in Main Menu) that the player freelly can choose. There many of them, including Derbies, Races, or Online.

Game modes in FlatOutEdit


  • Career
  • Quick race
  • Bonus
  • Stunt
  • Time trial


  • Hot seat (not able to play demolition arena, nor super mud bowl)
  • Network play

Game modes in FlatOut 2Edit


  • Career
  • Single race
  • Single Stunt
  • Single event
  • Single derby


  • Party mode
  • Online
  • LAN

Game modes in FlatOut: Ultimate CarnageEdit


  • FlatOut mode
  • Carnage mode
  • Race
  • Stunt
  • Derby
  • Time trial
  • Bonus


Player matchEdit

  • Single race
  • Tournament
Race: Race; Head On
Derby: Wrecking derby; Deathmatch derby

Party modeEdit


  • In FlatOut 2 there are leftovers of a game mode called "Instant Action". This mode meant to put the player in an instant race, in a random selected map and car. The mode is cut before release, however, it can be re-enabled. There are also other modes like "Developer Menu" and "Menu Debug", but they cannot be enabled.
    • In addition, according to game files of FlatOut 2, a mode named "Time Attack" is meant to be featured, but was cut too. Files for it still exist, and even menu icons. It was probably similar to Time Trial from the first FlatOut.

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