Jason Walker

Jason Walker is one of 11 drivers in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

Aggressive and unpredictable, Jason has the skills to be a serious threat in any race.

His name means trouble. He is a fast, very agressive, very skilled driver. If he has a chance he will actively try to total your car.

He is the third best driver after Sofia Martinez and Jack Benton, unpredictable and daring. He always drives muscle cars, fast but hard to handle.

In-game Description Edit

Jason Walker is a former 27-year old bouncer from Ohio who became a race driver mostly to get his revenge on the top cat of racing, Jack Benton. Jason inherited his first car from his late father, who was a catholic priest until a job related accident left him decapitated. Few years ago, Benton stopped by the bar Jason was working in and amongst other things had a chat with Jason’s girlfriend. Jason was left picking his teeth from the floor and Jack left with a new girlfriend. Jason is a short-sighted and aggressive driver, often utilizing various ways of bullying his opponents into submission. During races, Jason is known to battle aggressively throughout the race, often claiming a lane and sticking to it no matter what. Especially on close quarters where positions are quick to change, Jason can go totally off his rocker and ram everyone off the track, no matter the consequences.

Driving Style Edit

Jason's abilities are very different in Flatout 2 and Flatout: Ultimate Carnage.

In Flatout 2: Edit

Kierowca średniego szczebla w klasie Derby, Jason jest szybki i trudny do pokonania w ultra ciężkim Shakerze, ale często rekordy. Rzadko się rujnuje z powodu bardzo mocnego samochodu. Bardzo agresywny i zbijający innych zawodników, tylko dana jest taka szansa. Prawdziwym zagrożeniem, Jason jest wystarczająco sprawny, aby ścigać kolejne konkurentów, a jego Shaker jest jednym z najsilniejszych samochodów w klasie. Jego masywny rachunek, że ma problemy z unikaniem wypadków. Jason jest szybszy od Jacka Bentona

Often placing in podium in Race class, Jason is very fast in the Bullet and very aggressive. His aggressive actions sometimes result in him running into walls and spinning out. His strong car means Jason rarely gets Wrecked. A good derby driver, Jason spins in circles occasionally, but once he gets up to speed he can dish out some punishment and take some as well.

Often placing in podium in Street class, Jason is very fast in the Speedevil and, what a surprise, very aggressive. He will actively chase frontrunners and attempt to destroy them. However he often spins out in the Speedevil. A mid-tier derby driver, Jason will often spin in circles, but once he gets up to speed he is almost unstoppable and can deal serious damage. It is best to hit his car when he is spinning and keep a far distance when he moves. Try getting him to run into other cars to slow him down.

In Flatout: UC: Edit

A good driver in Derby class, Jason is a conservative and clean driver of a fast Shaker. He rarely makes mistakes, but he sometimes gets pushed off the track easily. Rarely gets Wrecked due to his careful driving. A mid-tier driver in derbies, Jason can outsmart other drivers. Otherwise he is nothing special.

A very good driver in Race class, Jason is a conservative yet aggressive driver. He rarely makes mistakes and drives in an efficient racing line. A mid-tier driver in derbies, Jason often spins in circles, but once he gets moving he can cause a lot of chaos and take a serious licking. Often gets destroyed early in the derby.

A mid-tier driver in Street class, Jason is incredibly fast in the Speedevil, but he is slow in corners. He is sometimes careless and is easily pushed around despite his high aggression. Often gets Wrecked due to his careless driving. A very poor driver in derbies, Jason often spins in circles.


Walker's identifying color is pale black. His cars are always black, and crowned with graphic flames and a skull.

Derby Class : Shaker

Race Class : Bullet

Street Class : Speedevil