Katie Jackson

Katie Jackson is one of 11 drivers in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. The former casual driver's club president is now on the verge of a nervous breakdown after too many rush-hour traffic jams. You should give her plenty of track space!


She is pretty good at driving, clean and fast. Her cars are usually too light to soak up too much punishment and get wrecked easily, but as a driver Katie has the skills to be on first place near Sofia and Jack.

Driving StyleEdit

Jackson is fairly aggressive, but also conservative owing to her past as a casual driver, and often places in the middle or the top three. Her cars are always red, light and fast, easy to handle. Good in racing, but not so good in derbies because her vehicles are pretty light and one good crash will send her through the windscreen. Despite this, she can be full of surprises.

Often placing in podium in Derby class, Katie is very fast in the Switchblade and difficult to push around. She is efficient and aggressive. A good derby contender, Katie's Switchblade can hit very hard and she does not wait around very long unlike other drivers such as Frank Malcov or Jack Benton.

A mid-tier driver in Race class, Katie is generally good in corners but easily spins out. Her aggressive actions often get her Wrecked, though she fares better in FO:UC where the Lancea is much stronger. Generally mid-tier in derbies, Katie is quite agile but is prone to getting stuck.

A mid-tier driver in Street class, Katie's Chili Pepper is agile and difficult to hit. Unlike before, Katie is a fairly clean driver in Street class. She can be careless and her low strength often gets her Wrecked. A very poor driver in derbies, Katie often spins in circles.


Jackson's identifiying color is red. Her cars are always red with dragon tribes paint job.

Derby Class : Switchblade

Race Class : Lancea

Street Class : Chili Pepper

  • Katie in FOUC

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