Fo2 lancea

Lancea in Flatout 2.

Lancea is a Race Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

This vehicle is amongst the mid tier of cars in its class, and while it has poor handling and strength, it is generally quick and good for racers who prefer a cleaner style of driving. It's driven by Katie Jackson.

In Ultimate Carnage, Lancea has gone through some changes including a new paintjob, added grille, and different rims. It has become much heavier, which now demands aggressive driving. The Lancea has now become a competitive derby contender.


  • The Lancea highly resembles

    Lancea in FO:UC.

    a Nissan S130/Datsun 280ZX .
  • In Flatout 2 it has a 6.500 rpm redline.
  • The engine bay surprisingly seens to resemble a transversal inline 4 despite the Datsun having a inline 6 in real life. Could be a developer oversight since most RWD vehicles have no need for a transversally mounted engine, but a longitudinal one.