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Lewis in FOUC.

"Lewis has sharp reflexes, but might miss the big picture during a race. Easy to overtake, but he's bound to be right behind you when you least expect it."


Lewis Duran debuted in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. He prefers fast, powerful cars with streamlined looks. His aggressive driving style makes him dangerous, but his lack of skill means he is usually near the rear of the pack. Occasionally, however, his aggressive driving permits him a place on the podium.


He is quite poor in all aspects, but is very aggressive. Try to give his car a wide berth when overtaking, as he is sure to be right on your rear trying to take you out once you have passed him. Lewis is often considered as the worst driver in the game.

Normally you don't have to worry about him, because he is often wrecked because of his aggressive maneuvers on Frank Malcov or any other bad drivers.

A poor driver in Derby class, Lewis is very fast in his Venom, but he is quite careless and his aggressive actions often gets him in a mess. Rarely gets Wrecked due to the Venom's very high strength. A serious threat in derbies due to the Venom's high strength and speed, Lewis is surprisingly agile and difficult to shake off. It is best to give him a far distance and leave other cars in his path.

A mid-tier driver in Race class, Lewis is very fast in his Daytana, but again he is quite careless. He is very aggressive and is often responsible for destroying competitors unlucky enough to get in his way. He often uses nitro because of his aggressive driving. Again a big threat in derbies, although he may not place very well by spinning in circles. If he gets moving, Lewis is almost unstoppable in the Daytana and can dish out crippling punishment (he can actually one-shot most cars occasionally).

A very poor driver in Street class, his Sparrowhawk's poor handling forces him to drive far more conservatively than usual. He rarely makes mistakes or gets Wrecked, but his car is too slow to place him well. A very poor derby driver, Lewis spins in circles often.


Duran's identifying color is light pale brown. His cars are painted in pale brown color matching his hoodie with black stripes and a hand print symbol.

Derby Class : Venom

Race Class : Daytana

Street Class : Sparrowhawk