Water canal

For example, this is the overview of the Water Canal's location in FlatOut 2 and FO:UC

Locations can be split into many different types of racing maps of where the actual game race is in progress located in all FlatOut games.

In FlatOut there are more than 8000 scenery props (objects) on the track. It has old tires, barrels, boxes, fences around the road and other different things that player can smash by crashing into them, and even throw them out of the track. That brings the games in the air to a whole new level of destruction.

List of all locations in FlatOutEdit

  • Bay Circuit
  • Fairgrass Grounds
  • Gracie Woodland
  • Finchley Forest
  • Pinewood Meadows
  • Brad's Sand-pit
  • Bunker Hill
  • Gravel Mound
  • Whitefish Lake
  • Redpine River
  • Whattahoo Town
  • Hayville Farm

List of all locations in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate CarnageEdit