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An Overrunner at the junkyard in FlatOut

The Overrunner is a Silver Class vehicle available in FlatOut. Being the first on the list for Silver Class, it is technically the first unlockable car in FlatOut past the starting Bronze Class.


While the Overrunner's appearance is similar to that of a muscle car, it is actually powered by a relatively small 3.2 liter V6 making just 190 horsepower in stock form. The engine is enough to get the car up to speed thanks to a relatively modest torque rating, though the top speed of the car (just past 110 MPH when upgraded) leaves much to be desired.

The car's handling is truly its party piece, as its short wheelbase and snappy steering make it a truly wonderful little car to throw around on dirt tracks. Tight and technical circuits are no problem for the car, as players will find that its grippy, quick-reaction steering is truly satisfying compared to other cars. The steering is mostly thanks to the car's low curb weight (it weighs just 2594 pounds) and its short wheelbase. This, combined with the good torque and structural integrity of the car, make it a great candidate for rally-style driving. Unfortunately, the car's low weight also holds it back slightly, as it is not a good choice for battling other cars with, nor taking risks. While the build quality is excellent, hard driving will easily break the suspension, ruining the handling.

In demolition derbies, the Overrunner's performance is sub-par, despite its strong bodywork. The car struggles to cause damage to other, heavier vehicles, and is easily flipped over on the treacherous conditions of the mud bowl. It's not uncommon to be thrown quite violently by even the smallest of impacts from other vehicles.


  • The car's styling appears to be a strange hybrid of 1960's muscle and 1980's sports cars. The front shape greatly resembles an AMC Javelin (with the bumper and hoodscoops), but with the grill and headlights of an early 1980's Dodge Charger. The rear also follows the Javelin's semi-fastback styling, with the quarter windows being taken from a 1980's Ford Mustang foxbody.
  • The Overrunner's engine produces 273 horsepower when fully upgraded. While quick, the lack of high-end speed will leave drivers wanting more.
  • Like the Gold Class muscle car, the Thunderbolt, the Overrunner weighs so little that it is noticeably pushed about by ejecting ragdolls during demolition derbies. It is possible for the car to be flipped this way, given the right conditions.

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