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A stock Pepper at the junkyard in FlatOut

The Pepper is a Bronze Class car available in FlatOut. Being one of the lightest and simplest cars at the start of the game, it is a premier choice for players who are just getting used to the racing mechanics of the first game.


The Pepper is powered by a 2.0 liter inline-4 cylinder engine producing a modest 117 horsepower in stock form. The car itself is extremely light weight, weighing just 1609 pounds (730 kilograms), and has an extremely short wheelbase, making it quite agile. On winding road courses, the Pepper feels right at home, as its sharp turning and excellent braking abilities give it a fair shot on almost any course where turns are a concern. However, the car's light weight, sluggish top end speed and short suspension make it problematic to navigate carnage that is found on the road. The Pepper is best driven when it is in perfect or near-perfect condition. Drivers should take great caution to avoid breaking the car's suspension, as it will ruin the handling. However, even if this does occur, the car is very forgiving of mistakes, even with copious amounts of axle hop.

In demolition derbies, the Pepper is one of the worst choices a player can make to tackle other cars with. Being very light, the car is easily thrown around when struck by other vehicles, and its structural integrity, even with the racing body installed, is sub-par at best. Players should make use of the cars waterbug maneuverability to dodge and weave around cars that are bashing one another in the ring before they move in, getting a good run up to attack other players with.


  • When fully upgraded, the Pepper makes 197 horsepower, quite remarkable considering it's size. In all, its power to weight ratio clocks out around 246 horsepower per ton, the highest of all Bronze Class vehicles. Despite this, the car's top end speed leaves much to be desired.
  • The car's styling appears to be influenced highly by the Fiat 127, produced between 1971 and 1987. However, the biggest engine offered in the real-life counterpart had a displacement of 1.3 litres.
  • It is one of two hatchbacks seen in the original FlatOut.