Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor is one of 11 drivers in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

Cheerful and not too worried about results, Sally is usually happy go lucky, but she can turn mean if her car is hit too often.


She is more agressive than clean, drive high class cars, but not very good at driving at all. Still she can be at first positions, and that makes her a midrange driver.

Driving StyleEdit

She is a lower-mid tier driver and is not extremely aggressive - often finishing in the middle or near the bottom of a race. She almost always wrecks her car in the street class, but performs better in the Race Class due to her choice of car for that set being more resistant to damage. Despite this, she will become aggressive if her car gets hit too often.

Sally Taylor's abilities are very different in Flatout 2 and Flatout Ultimate Carnage.

In Flatout 2: Edit

A very poor Derby class driver, Sally is generally quite slow although clean and very rarely wrecks. You normally don't have to worry about her throughout the entire race. A mid-tier derby contender, Sally's Roamer may be slow and sluggish, but it has plenty of durability.

A good Race class driver, Sally is very fast in the Lentus but can be very careless. If she is harassed too much, she can become quite aggressive to the offending driver. A real threat in derbies, Sally is very fast and very strong. Always keep an eye out for her as she is unpredictable and can hit very hard. She almost seems to come out of nowhere driving at breakneck speeds. It is advisable to take her out early on, and only hit her large Lentus when she makes the occasional mistake.

A mid-tier Street class driver, Sally is untouchable in a straight line (especially on the Speedway tracks) but is very careless. Her weak Road King makes her prone to getting Wrecked. Sally is generally clean and will not attack other competitors as long as they do not attack her. A poor derby driver, Sally may be fast but her Road King is fragile. Again she is unpredictable and can appear suddenly at the most inopportune of times.

In Flatout UC: Edit

A very poor Derby class driver, she is similar to her style in FO2. A real threat in derbies, Sally seems almost invincible in her Roamer and can be difficult to hit in her agile truck. Expect a long battle against Sally.

A poor Race class driver, Sally is very fast but is erratic. Be on your guard when she is close by as she may blindside you while swerving uncontrollably. She often gets Wrecked due to her erratic behavior. A real threat in derbies, the only difference this time is that her Lentus is much weaker than before.

A very good Street class driver, Sally is still supreme on straightaways, but she also has a good line in corners. She is still careless and prone to getting Wrecked though. She has become more aggressive in this game. A mid-tier derby driver, her Road King may be weak but her driving is fast and skilful. It can be difficult to catch her in the Road King.

Cars Edit

Taylor's identifying color is pink. Her cars are always white with pink stripes and a red tiger decal.

Derby Class : Roamer

Race Class : Lentus

Street Class : Road King

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