Sofia Martinez

Sofia Martinez is one of 11 drivers in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

An ice cold professional racer, Sofia isn't easily lured into crashes and prides herself on racing clean.

In-game DescriptionEdit

If there is someone who can threaten Jack Benton’s win, it is the 29-year old Sofia Martinez. Sofia hails from Latin America and brings her calculating nature into the race tracks. While her style is completely different from Jack's, she still often finishes first. Whereas Benton's style is aggressive and calculating, Sofia’s is based on sheer driving skill and tactics. She picks the best lanes and sticks to them, trying to avoid contact where it is unnecessary. Sofia can be seen as rough, distant and outspoken, but generally she is the most professional of all racers in FlatOut. Most of the time she holds up her public image as the coolest racer around, but occasionally her private life charm and warmth comes through. Sofia's calculating nature gives her a natural advantage in royal flush, where she continually comes up with the highest combination of cards.

Driving StyleEdit

Usually in first or second position with Jack Benton, she is a fast and serious competitor. Sofia is a clean driver and prefers clean, efficient overtakes compared to more abrasive forms of racing. She is the best driver overall, rivaled only by Jack Benton, and is not very aggressive. Her cars are well-balanced, fast and light, but tough and maneuverable at the same time.

A mid-tier driver in Derby class, Sofia is a very efficient driver in the painfully slow Chili. She very rarely makes mistakes, but she is very easy to push around. She is a very clean driver and will avoid collisions whenever possible. She often gets Wrecked due to the Chili's very poor strength. A very poor derby driver, Sofia is not competitive in the Chili.

A good driver in Race class, again Sofia is very efficient but very slow and easy to destroy in the CTR. Seldom makes mistakes, but very easy to push around. Like in Derby class, she is a very clean driver. Again she is a very poor derby driver due to her weak car.

A powerhouse in the Street class, Sofia is quick off the line and very difficult to disrupt in the Canyon. She is slow and vulnerable to crashes in corners. Rarely gets Wrecked due to conservative and clean driving and her Canyon's very high strength. A real threat in derbies, Sofia's Canyon is agile and very strong. Her only weakness is the large size of the Canyon.


Martinez's identifying color is grey. Her cars bear a grey or silver paint job with blue tribals.

Derby Class : Chili.

Race Class : CTR

Street Class : Canyon

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