Timberlands 1overview00:15

Timberlands 1overview

The Timberlands 1 is one part of the big Location: Timberlands.

This track in Forest.


Starting near the local parts shop, this circuit takes you through a few rough logging areas, detours to a small higway and then turns back to the shop.

FlatOut 2 eraEdit

FlatOut 2 Timberlands 102:41

FlatOut 2 Timberlands 1

Timberlands 1. Gameplay in FlatOut 2

In FlatOut 2 there aren't much scenery objects. The track isn't very hard to drive here but there're some annoying trumplins and big objects (like the big truck).

In FlatOut 2 you can race only by day, and only 4 laps, while in FOUC you can choose from 2 to 10 laps.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage eraEdit


FOUC. Timberlands 1- day

Timberlands 1 in FOUC. Day.

In FOUC the Timberlands 1 has been changed.

Now, you can race by day and sunrise. This means that you can change the time of day and play with different maps lights.

FOUC. Timberlands 1- sunrise03:12

FOUC. Timberlands 1- sunrise.

FOUC. Timberlands 1. Sunrise.

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