Vehicle Damage is one of the main features, featured in all FlatOut games since the first.

Damage in each game is unique, cars deform realistically, in real time but with its limitations. However, there are pre-modeled damaged parts, often more than 20 or 30 with each one deforming depending the force and angle used against it.


Fo1 ovrn fail

A heavily damaged Overrunner in FlatOut.

In the first Flatout, car damage was very advanced for its time. A small bump would eventually result in a bumper or body deformation. There were many parts,

including doors, hoods, trunks, bumpers, pipes and exhaust pipes. You would even see a big amount of small car pieces lying on the ground. The basic car parts stay on the ground forever. Each damagable car, including the chassis was pre-modeled, but still the damage looks very realistic, but due to the pre-modeled damage, it has its limitations. Wheels cannot be removed but will still wobble if heavy damage hit them, performance could decrease quickly if hit hard enough. Suspension could also brake, making the car hop a lot more. Cars cannot be wrecked at all, but still they can catch fire, partly blocking player's view.

FlatOut 2Edit


A Switchblade after some heavy damage in FlatOut 2.

In the second game, damage in general remained the same as its previous counterpart. Cars when collide still create small pieces fly away, and cars now deform much more realisticaly. However, performance does not decrease anymore, but now wheels can be removed, making the car harder to control and steer. Models for damage are more unique, and car damage textures are much more visible and realistic than in the first game. Now cars after getting caught fire, will explode upon a hard impact, ending the race for the player whose car was wrecked. By hitting and/or wrecking cars you can earn Slam, Power Hit, Blast Out and WRECKED! titles.

FlatOut: Ultimate CarnageEdit

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage still remains basicaly the same as previous games in the series. However, the game has a reworked engine, having the most realistic damage of all. There are more than 40 car parts deforming on their own, depending force and angle. Wheels can be removed, and also cars can explode from too much damage.