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Venom, Speed and Anger.

Venom is a Derby Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

The Venom is very fast (easily one of the fastest vehicles in the Derby class) and very strong, with decent handling. It is driven by Lewis Duran in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

This vehicle reappears in restored form as the Speedevil in Street Class. It is driven by Jason Walker.

This vehicle is similar to the Blade from the first FlatOut.

FlatOut 2 eraEdit

FlatOut2 2011-11-13 00-59-24-21

Venom in Flatout 2.

Redline: 7.000 rpm

Cost: 10000

Drive RWD

Stock PerformanceEdit

Top speed 4.0 (220 km/h)

Acceleration 7.4 (4 gears)

Handling 4.3

Strength 8.7

Weight 5.5

Nitro 2.4

FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2. Venom test

The test of the Venom

Upgraded PerformanceEdit

Top Speed 5.8 (258 km/h)

Acceleration 8.2 (4 Gears)

Handling 5.5

Strength 8.2

Weight 6.1

Nitro 5.1

FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2. Venom race

Venom in FlatOut 2. Race

FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2. Venom derby

Venom in FlatOut 2. Derby

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage eraEdit

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Venom in FO:UC.

In FOUC Venom has several noticeable changes. The new style more closely resembles the Speedevil.

Top speed 7,0

Acceleration 7.0

Handling 4.3

Strength 9.2

Weight 4.8

Nitro 5,7

Drive RWD


FOUC. Venom race

Venom in FOUC. Race.


  • The engine is a carburated V8.


FOUC. Venom derby

Venom in FOUC. Derby


FOUC. Venom time trial

Vnom in FOUC. Time Trial