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Ventura in FO:UC.

Ventura is a car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

This car is in the Race Class.

The Ventura is very fast in its tier, although at such high speeds it can become very unstable. Its nitro boost is weak, but this may be good for a very fast car with poor stability. The Ventura has average strength and can land jumps with average ability. It is quite front-heavy which makes for a hard hitting vehicle, especially with the speeds it can attain. The Ventura's biggest disadvantage is very poor handling. It sorely lacks grip and will spin out often at low speeds. This makes for a very poor derby car, but a decent race car that demands good driving skills.

The Ventura has changed somewhat in Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. It has become much more delicate, although its acceleration has improved. There has been no change to its poor handling, and it is arguably the worst derby contender in the Race class.

It's driven by Ray Carter .


  • Another V8 racing vehicle.
  • Redline: 6.500 rpm (Flatout 2)
  • The Stunt Class variant of this car is the Afterburner.
  • This Ventura is highly improved modern type of vehicle which it reseambles the "Bullet" from FlatOut 's Bronze Class.
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    Concept artwork of the Ventura.


Ventura in Flatout 2.