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Vexter XS in Flatout 2.

Vexter XS is a Street Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

Performance Edit

The Vexter XS is an average level vehicle. Nonetheless, it still has decent acceleration but has quite poor handling with stock parts, which can be addressed by installing upgrades, thus the car getting to a respectable handling for its model. Another problem is its FWD system, which, accompanies by the large vehicle size, makes the Vexter extremely cumbersome around corners. Another problem is its weight, which can be reduced with the weight reduction
Fouc vexter xs

Vexter XS in FO:UC.

kit, making the car less prone to losing its course while moving and less susceptible to shock when going up in the air, and being less bouncy. It resembles a Saab 9-3 or an Opel Astra Coupé.

The Vexter XS is available in silver, orange, maroon, lime green and olive green.

In FlatOut 2, the redline is at mere 6.000 rpm, even if the car is more expensive than the lowly CTR Sport.


  • Its license plate, "S4V3 M3", (Save Me), is a joke with its slow top speed even when fully upgraded.
  • No AI driver drives the Vexter XS in either of the games.
  • The Vexter XS is powered by a very low revving V6 engine in both games.